Michigan Township Participating Plan

Board of Directors Elections

Board of Directors Election Process

You can make a difference in your community! Represent your zone by serving on the Par Plan Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is comprised of elected member representatives, who serve the interests of Michigan communities by contributing their knowledge and expertise in relevant municipal governmental operations. Nominate yourself or another Par Plan member during the annual election process in March.

The Candidates

  1. An election committee member shall not count the ballots of, nor vote to certify, an election in any zone in which that member is also a candidate.
  2. Candidates for election to the Par-Plan Board of Directors must be an elected official of a member governing body, and the designated member representative to the Michigan Township Participating Plan.
  3. Candidates for election to the board must be nominated by elected officials of a Par Plan member unit. Incumbent directors seeking re-election must also submit a completed nomination form or submit written notification to the election committee stating their intent by the nomination deadline.
  4. A resolution establishing a Par-Plan member representative must accompany the nomination form, or already be on file at the Par-Plan office.
  5. All candidates must complete and submit a Par-Plan conflict disclosure statement (included as an addendum to these policies) prior to their names being placed on the annual ballot. Blank disclosure statements will be mailed with the nomination ballots and must be completed and returned with the nomination ballots.
  6. Current or potential conflicts of interest shall not make any candidate ineligible for election to the board of directors with the following four exceptions:
    1. The candidate sits on the board of directors of a company which directly competes with the Par-Plan, or any of its affiliated companies.
    2. The candidate sells or provides a product which directly competes on the open market with products provided by the Par-Plan, or its affiliates.
    3. The candidate is employed, either directly or contractually, by the Par-Plan, or one of its contracted service providers.
    4. The candidate fails to complete a conflict disclosure statement.
  7. The determination of ineligibility of a candidate based on the above four exceptions, shall be the sole and final decision of the election committee based on discussions with corporate counsel. Any determination of ineligibility due to conflict of interest shall be documented and immediately reported to corporate counsel, the Par-Plan Administrator, and to the Chairman of the Michigan Township Participating Plan Board of Directors.

The Election

  1. Nomination ballots and blank conflict disclosure statements shall be mailed to the Par-Plan members on the third Friday of March of each year.
  2. Nomination ballots and completed conflict disclosure statements shall be postmarked for return to the Par-Plan office no later than the first Friday in May of each year. The conflict disclosure statement must be completed and signed by the candidate being nominated.
  3. The election committee shall convene to validate the nominations no later than the second Friday in May.
  4. Voter ballots, with pertinent candidate disclosure statements, as determined by the election committee, shall be mailed to the Par-Plan members on the last Friday in May of each year.
  5. Voter ballots must be returned to the Par-Plan office, postmarked no later than the 20th of June of each year.
  6. The election committee shall reconvene to count ballots and validate the election winners after the 25th of June, but before the first day of July of each year.
  7. The committee, or a Par-Plan corporate administrator, shall notify the candidates of the election results immediately upon validation of the election and those directors-elect shall begin serving their three-year terms of office on July 1(MTPP Bylaws, Rule 14).
  8. Only original ballots will be counted; photocopies will not be accepted.
  9. In the event of a tie, the winning candidates’ names will be placed in an envelope and one will be drawn at random as the winner.