Michigan Township Participating Plan

Human Resources Risk Management Services for Public Entities

"Spend Less Time on HR Compliance While Reducing Risk."

HR MUNI Risk Management Services

HR MUNI is provided free of charge to members of the Michigan Township Participating Plan.

Unlimited HR Advice by Telephone/Email

Prevent employment lawsuits with real-time advice from experienced HR professionals and/or employment attorneys.

Training for Managers and Employees

Stop sexual harassment and discrimination claims with interactive, online training courses.

Toll-Free Employee Complaint Hotline

Encourage early reporting of employee concerns to a third party for crucial advance notice of claims that may be avoided.

Public Sector Employment Law Updates and Webinars

Stay abreast of employment law changes with our email updates and periodic webinars.

Online Knowledge Center

Easily access online resources (24/7) developed by our in-house employment attorneys and HR professionals including:

  • Sample workplace policies to help prevent the most significant workplace claims
  • Step-by-step guidance to respond to and handle human resources issues
  • Red flags to trigger further action/investigation before employee discipline or termination

Proactive Onboarding

Each client receives an introductory email and phone call about these risk control services from a member of the HR MUNI risk management team.

Please note that the welcome email will come from @eplaceinc.com.

Par Plan Member Login

On your first visit to hrmuni.com
1.   Click Register

2.   Enter the information in the required
fields. Your Sign-Up Code is your current
policy number.

3.   Click Submit.

4.   On the next page, read the Terms of
Service and indicate your acceptance by
clicking: I Accept.

On your next visit to hrmuni.com:

1.   Enter your email address and password. (If you do not remember your password,
click “Forgot my password” and a new
password will be sent via email.)

2.   Click Submit.

For all assistance or questions about
HR MUNI, call 800-387-4468
or email:

For all other risk control assistance, contact
TMHCC Risk Control at 800-878-9878.