Michigan Township Participating Plan


Protect Your Community, Minimize Your Risk

Special Public Safety Programs for Michigan Township Participating Plan Members

Our Partnership

The Michigan Township Participating Plan (Par Plan) has partnered with Lexipol, a trusted name in policy management and integrated policy training, to offer its members a special opportunity.

Par Plan members are eligible for a 10% discount on both new and renewal subscriptions to Lexipol’s Law Enforcement, Fire or Corrections Policy Solutions.

Lexipol’s Policy Solutions provide:

  • State-specific law enforcement, fire and corrections policies
  • Regular policy updates in response to changing laws, regulations and evolving best practices
  • Manual customization reflecting your unique policies, mission and philosophy
  • Policy acknowledgement tracking and archiving
  • Access to policies 24/7 with the Lexipol mobile app

Mitigate risk with policies that are continuously updated as state and federal laws, and best practices change – and training to ensure your policies are known and understood.

For more information, to request sample policies or to schedule a demo of the Lexipol Policy Solutions, please contact Lexipol at 844-312-9500 or info@lexipol.com.


“In every tragedy there is always a proximate cause – the event that instantly preceded the tragedy. But if you go back in time and look for the root cause, all too often it comes down to a lack of good policy and a lack of good training.” 

Gordon Graham
Co-founder, Lexipol

“To be able to tell your citizens with complete confidence that their tax dollars are paying for the best policy system available – that’s priceless.”

Chief Pat Cheatwood
Pelham (AL) Police Department

“It gives our citizens great peace of mind to know we are operating under national standards of care and coverage.”

Chief Mike Reid
Pelham (AL) Fire Department