Michigan Township Participating Plan

Risk Control


By following established risk control procedures and loss prevention techniques, Par Plan members can:

  • Contain and control premium costs
  • Identify potential problems before they develop
  • Avoid disruptions in service
  • Avoid claims
  • Avoid unnecessary reputational harm to the municipality, its officials, and staff
  • Assure the long-term availability of coverages for their municipality

The Par Plan’s administration team, which is part of The Tokio Marine HCC Public Risk Group, has experienced and specially trained underwriting and risk control teams who ensure application of:

  • Uniform underwriting criteria to address members’ exposure to loss
  • Risk control techniques designed to assist members in the prevention and reduction of potential losses

Par Plan’s Risk Control Program

On-Site Risk Control Assessment

Risk control specialists perform on-site visits where they meet with elected officials and department heads to review the scope of the insured’s services. The risk control specialists will then conduct a thorough survey and analysis of the insured’s operation, note potential problem areas and discuss those identified issues on site. After the visit, the insured receives a written review of the site visit that includes risk mitigation recommendations and resource material to implement the recommendations.

Resource Material
As part of the risk mitigation and follow-up process after the on-site assessment, the risk control team provides the insured entities with up-to-date policies and best practices recommendations.

Special Events (Fairs, Festivals, Fireworks, etc.) Risk Review
The risk control team provides comprehensive risk reviews of special events to assist members identify potential liability exposures inherent in these types of events. 

Contract Reviews
The risk control team provides contract reviews to help ensure the contracts members enter have the necessary language to avoid, reduce and/or transfer potential liability exposures.

Advisory Committees
Our Fire/EMS and Law Enforcement Policy Review Committees, comprised of statewide professionals, meet regularly to address and update policies to ensure that our members are in compliance with federal and state laws and industry best-practices.

Technical Assistance
Risk control specialists assistance doesn’t end with the site visit. They are available to field any liability or risk control inquiries and provide on-site surveys and inspections.

Free Workshops, Conferences and Meetings
Risk control specialists sponsor and present free workshops, conferences, and seminars on topics such as:

  • Governmental immunity
  • Workplace harassment and discrimination
  • Statutory compliance
  • Law enforcement liability

Risk Control Specialists
The Par Plan has regional risk control specialists trained to identify potential areas of liability and provide actionable feedback aimed at reducing or preventing liability. These risk control specialists have very diverse backgrounds and experience ranging from elected and appointed public officials to law enforcement, EMS and fire service. 

Contact your Risk Control Representative to schedule and on-site assessment or for any other risk control support

Your Risk Control Representative

Resources & Sample Policies

  • Communications - De-escalating Situations
  • Corrections - Documented Jail Cell Checks
  • Corrections - PREA
  • Cyber Security - Human Firewall 
  • Fire Safety -
    • OSHA Required Fire Prevention Plan
    •  Portable Fire Extinguisher Basics
    •  Fire Prevention
    • Fire Safety in the Workplace
  • FMCSA - Commercial Drivers License Drug Alcohol Clearinghouse
  • General Safety - Safety Committees
  • Maintenance -
    • Facility Building Inspection Program
    • Roof Maintenance
    • Roof Snow Removal
    • Snow Plowing
    • Tree Care Operations 
    • Vacant Buildings
  • Should You Allow Employees With CPL to Carry
  • Recreation - 
    • Batting Cages
    • Dog Parks
    • Playground Equipment
    • Skateboard Parks
    • Three Meter Driving Board
  • Special Events - 
    • Facility Rental Alcohol Liability 
    • Parade Permits
    • Parade Planning
  • Vehicle Safety - 
    • Be Prepared for Winter Driving Conditions 
    • Driving in Parking Lots 
    • Parked Heavy Vehicle Fire Prevention
    • Vehicle Backing
  • Workplace - Emergency Action Plans 
  • Zoning - Handling Unpopular Zoning Issues


Winter Weather Preparation (August 23, 2022)

Speaker Patrick Nelson discussed how to prepare for the winter weather ahead. Sidewalk safety, parking lot safety, snow removal, general driving practices, winterizing buildings, power outages and more were discussed.

  • Administration, Boards, Committees
  • Airports
  • Boat Launches
  • Campgrounds
  • Cemeteries
  • Contracted Services
  • Corrections/Detention Facilities
  • Dam/Dikes
  • DPW Maintenance
  • Facilities - Boilers, Furnace Rooms, Generators
  • Facilities General
  • Facilities - Kitchen
  • Fire Department - Administration/Operations
  • Fire Department - Cadet Explorer Program
  • Fire Department - Checklists
  • Fire Department - Equipment/Vehicles
  • Fire Department - Personnel
  • Fire Department - Training
  • Fireworks
  • Freedom of Information - FOIA
  • Golf Courses
  • Housing Commission
  • Human Resources - Employee Manuals
  • Human Resources - Personnel
  • Joint Operations - Task Force Authorities 
  • Law Enforcement - Administration/Operations
  • Law Enforcement - Equipment/Vehicles
  • Law Enforcement - Personnel
  • Law Enforcement - Safety
  • Law Enforcement - Training
  • Libraries
  • Marinas
  • Open Meetings Information (OMA)
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Schools
  • Transportation - Transit/Dial a Ride/Ferry
  • Trash/Recycling Collection/Disposal
  • Waiver Samples
  • Water Exposures - Lakes/Pools/Other
  • Water Treatment/Distribution
  • Zoning/Land Control

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