Michigan Township Participating Plan

Grant Program

Risk Reduction Program

The Par Plan established its Risk Reduction Grant Program (RRGP) in 2011. This program allows the Par Plan to provide members a concentration of expert services in the public arena.

Through the RRGP, the Par Plan and its members partner for effective risk management and loss control. To the extent that funds are available, the RRGP assists members in reducing specific risk exposures and in their efforts to apply effective risk management and loss control techniques for exposures insured by the Par Plan.

Grant Qualifications

  • Applicants must be Par Plan members for at least one year. The longevity of membership may be considered in the approval and the amount of grant that is issued. Since risk management and grants usually result in cost savings in future years, members with long, continuous membership may be given priority.
  • The applicant must be an active member of the Par Plan at the time of grant fund disbursement and maintain the current in-force Par Plan insurance policy until its expiration date.

Grant Cycle Timeline

Spring Cycle
Submission Window: April 1 – May 31
Notification of Award: August 2

Fall Cycle
Submission Window: Oct 1 – Nov 30
Notification of Award: February 2

**Please Note: You will be notified via email of your status on the notification date. Please include a valid email address with your application.

How To apply for the Risk Reduction Grant 
1. Read the Grant Guidelines prior to submitting an application

2. Refer to the List of Grants previously awarded. These are indicative of risk reduction projects Par Plan members have implemented to reduce risk exposure.

3. When submitting the following documents must be included to receive consideration:

      • Dated Resolution (meeting minutes will not be accepted).
      • Bid from the Vendor(s) selected for the project.

4. Fill out and submit the Online Form and required documents.


Download the current Grant Application and send it and all necessary documents to mtpprrgp@tmhcc.com or mail to MTPP Administrator, Attn: RRGP, 1700 Opdyke Ct., Auburn Hills, MI 48326).