Michigan Township Participating Plan


Citizen Planner & Zoning Administrator Program Scholarships

The Par Plan Scholarship Program offers members reimbursement for the cost of these Michigan State University (MSU) Extension Programs:
• Citizen Planner Program
• Zoning Administrator Certificate Program

The Citizen Planner Program offers land use education to locally appointed and elected planning officials throughout Michigan. It teaches the fundamentals on roles, responsibilities and best practices for planning and zoning in Michigan.

The Zoning Administrator Certificate Program teaches zoning administration techniques in ways that reduce legal risks to the zoning administrator and their community.

Par Plan Scholarship Program
• For each insured entity, two people may attend the Citizen Planner Program, or one person may attend the Zoning Administrator Certificate Program, within a one-year (calendar year) time frame.
• After completion of the program, the insured entity is reimbursed, not the individual who participated.
• The insured entity must be a member of the Par Plan for at least one year.
• The Citizen Planner Program must be completed prior to attending the Zoning Administrator Certificate Program.
• The participating individual(s) from the insured entity must register online for the Citizen Planner Program or Zoning Administrator Certificate Program through the MSU Extension.

Scholarship Program Eligibility
To be eligible for reimbursement for the Citizen Planner Program or Zoning Administrator Certificate Program, the insured entity’s participant(s) must hold one of these positions:
• Board Member
• Planning Commission Member
• Zoning Board of Appeals Member
• Zoning Administrator

Reimbursement Requirements
Upon completion of the Citizen Planner Program or Zoning Administrator Certificate Program, the Par Plan must receive the following documentation for the insured entity to receive reimbursement:
• Proof of program registration
• Copy of cancelled check or receipt of payment
• Copy of the Certificate of Completion
If an individual(s) from an insured entity registers for either program but fails to complete or pass the program, reimbursement is forfeited.